Follow the Instructions given above to play PongVR. For the best experience we recommend using a VR-Headset.

PongVR is a new spin on the classic from 1972.

WebVR Setup Instructions

To play PongVR in a VR headset like the Oculus Rift you need a Web browser that supports WebVR. If you're using a Google Cardboard your regular browser will suffice. WebVR is a new technology which enables you to use different headsets to display VR content directly in your browser.

Currently WebVR is only supported by experimental versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Please be aware that WebVR is still in development. For the best VR experience we recommend the WebVR version of Google.

Google Chrome WebVR - Mozila Firefox WebVR

PongVR is a game created with the allyoucaneatVR Engine.
A game by
Tim Konieczny and Felix Janus.

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